An Unwasted Evening - The Genius of Tom Lehrer

Enjoy musical satire at its finest, celebrating the mischievous wit of Tom Lehrer, retold through such timeless songs as, Masochism Tango, Vatican Rag, Poisoning Pigeons in the Park and the infamous Australian banned songs. This was the smash-hit-show of the Edinburgh and Adelaide Fringe Festivals so join the merry journey exploring the life and times of Tom Lehrer.  You’ll be laughing and singing your way through a great evening of cabaret entertainment as you experience An Unwasted Evening thanks to the genius of Tom Lehrer and the performing excellence of DrH.

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Singalong Pub Quiz

Singalong and laugh along while testing your knowledge. It’s a singalong pub quiz where you not only get to sing the songs you know and love, but you also get to to test your knowledge while joining in the fun and games. Prior singing experience is optional.  New songs and questions every night.

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'If I Were Elton - Trippin' with the Rocket Man'

Enjoy piano cabaret at its finest as we go ‘trippin’  through the timeless songs of Elton ‘Rocket Man’ John.  You’ll be singing, laughing and reminiscing your own ‘Elton’ life-moments as Dr H takes you on a personal journey recounting  the incredible legacy created by this musical legend.

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The Piano Man - The Genius of Billy Joel

This one-hour show explores the life and times of Billy Joel, the master of the piano bar, retold through his amazing catalogue of hit songs that span four decades.

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