An Unwasted Evening - The Genius of Tom Lehrer

Tom Lehrer is a legend; a world-renowned musical satirist who throughout the 1950’s and 60’s shocked and titillated audiences with his songs and dark humour.  His music was banned, he was threatened with imprisonment, scathingly reviewed, but his audience loved him, and after this show, so will you!

‘An Unwasted Evening – The Genius of Tom Lehrer’ will take you on a delightful journey, exploring his life, times, and the songs that have influenced generations of performers and audiences.  The production is the brainchild of seasoned Australian entertainer and educator, Dr Antony Hubmayer (AKA Dr H.).  It’s presented in a piano cabaret format recreating Tom’s unique solo singer/pianist style with witty, well-timed patter while introducing far greater audience participation than Tom ever imagined.

The show has received critical acclaim and had very successful 2023 seasons at the Adelaide Fringe, Edinburgh Fringe, and in October, will be presented at the Butterfly Club as part of the Melbourne Fringe.

For Producers and Venues, the show is tour-ready with few technical requirements and can be adapted to suit most time and staging requirements.

So join the merry journey and you’ll be laughing and singing your way through a great evening of cabaret entertainment as you experience ‘An Unwasted Evening’ thanks to the genius of Tom Lehrer and the performing excellence of Dr H.

Dr Antony Hubmayer is a celebrated Australian music educator, cabaret artist and contemporary music performer.  His interests in music are varied with piano lounge, cabaret and light classical performance gigs in Asia and Australia contrasted by rock band composing, recording and performing as well as being a producer and musical director for Musicals.  He performs in piano bars and cabaret as ‘Dr. H.’ and with his originals rock band ‘Legends of Myth’.  As a music educator, he has taught and lectured across Australia, receiving an Australian Government Award for Excellence in School Music Education in 2010 and completing his Doctorate in 2013.

Audience Reviews from Edinburgh Fringe 2023

“Our only regret is that we did not book this superb program until its final performance, so we could not post this review with two weeks to run. Let us hope this talented Aussie returns to the Fringe or our country with his musical and historical gifts, not to mention a creative presentation. Top drawer show.”   John Samore

“Tom Lehrer’s wickedly funny songs brought to life. Very entertaining and superbly performed!”  Susan

“Excellent show. A tour de force. A reminder of why Lehrer is such a talent to those who like him and an introduction to his brilliance for those who don’t. Hubmayer also brings his own charm and talent and who can resist his jaunty apocalyptic singalong to ‘we’ll all go together when we go’?”  Andrew Milligan

“A sparkling and witty revue of Tom Lehrer’s music with trivia and local adaptations. A thoroughly unwasted evening.”  Debbie Murphy

“Polished and professional performance, embellished with details of Tom Lehrer’s satirical musical career. My husband loved revisiting the banned BBC songs of the late 1950s, early 1960s.  A show to be recommended.”  Suzanne

“Great fun, I’d forgotten just how much I enjoyed Tom Lehrer’s stuff and it was performed brilliantly.”  Jennifer Watson

“If you love Tom Lehrer, you should see this show. If you’ve never heard of him, you should probably still see this show. Hubmayer does a great job of bringing these songs to life, adding his own embellishments, without changing the original.”  Rita